Challenging for Charity and Adventure


Many ,many people help to make these events a success. Not least those kind enough to sponsor and give to the charities the challenges are design to benifit. Below is a "less than complimentary" summary of some of the key players who have taken some of their own time to give to those less fortunate. Great people and characters everyone of them and Mick is proud to call them his friends.

Michael/ Mick/ Mickey/ Metal Mickey/ Helpsy

Sport has been a key part of Mick's life for a long time. Whether playing, watching or coaching he enjoys sport. Although he's partial to a long swim (English Channel solo ,Lake Zurich and two lengths of Lake Windermere,swimming around the Channel Island of Jersey) he can also do equally stupid endurance events on dry land (Ironman, Marathons ,Marathon Des Sables ,Landsend John O'Groats etc ) and has plans for many more before he gets too old (Well lets face it he's already at that stage but no one is brave enough to tell him so we let him carry on regardless!)

He has always said that through these events he has felt privileged to meet so many inspirational characters and believes it is the right thing to do to help those who are less fortunate or need support by doing something he enjoys - i.e. ridiculously long and painful endurance events and in 2012 he was proud to be selected for his work for various charities to carry the Paralympics Torch as part of the lead up to the Opening Ceremony

Mick loves the humour and fun he gets out these challenges ,not taking this part of his life too seriously.

Events: All Challenges to date 

Paul/ Og/ Oggie/ Hosks

If Og was allowed to write his own profile he would start with a 15 page dossier on his ankle, back ,hamstring complaints! (etc.....etc) (with regular twitter updates on fresh twinges!) His ankle ailments are indeed legendary believed to originate from an ancient football injury but it was so long ago that it is said they were playing with a pig’s bladder at the time!

Joking aside he is a rock of a character who will mentally be able to eat the challenges put his way but its always a test whether the bag of bones will be as tough as the mind.

The Channel Relay was the start of his Open Water Swimming career and he rouse to the occasion - worryingly he has taken comfortably to both lycra and speedo's and Mick, Og and Dickie are regulars in the Codgers World Tour Series!

Events: Windermere two way swim crew, John O'Groats to Landsend Cyclist, Channel Relay swimmer, London to Paris Bike ride, UK Side to Side Bike Ride, Width of France, Width of Belgium ,English Channel Two way crew

Dickie/Richard/ Cromps/Sumo

Mick has known Dickie since school (yes they did sometime go! - they hide it so well!) and there have not been any key event in each others lives that they have not been involved in some form involved.(weddings ,god-parents, channel swims etc..)

Dickie is an untapped oil well of ability and probably one of the funniest men on the planet. (a cheque will do Dickie!!) A king of the one liners and a general knowledge /useless information expert.

Came into endurance cycling late but has already organised and executed London to Paris and UK side to Side as part of the Codgers World Tour Series

Events: Channel Solo Swim Crew, London to Paris Cyclist, UK side to Side cyclist, Width of Belgium 


Doddsey is one half of the dynamic duo who impressively raced each other across the channel in 2007. He was also part of Mickey's successful solo channel crossing crew taking on the role of Mr. Motivator. A role he repeated as a key member of the channel two way crew.

He is also racking up his own impressive list of cycle rides and triathlons.

Events: Channel solo crew member, Lake Windermere two way crew member, Channel Relay swimmer ,Channel two way crew


Pollers’ was the Channel relay team captain and organised the squad excellently. This was not an easy task and at times probably been akin to herding cats!

Mark has successfully run many Marathons and enjoys most ball sports (assumed he meant Football and Rugby).He is also a founder member and MD of Turquoise Cleaning company who have always been great supporters of endurance challenges.

Mick and Mark took on the great adventure of swimming the Gibraltar Straits and then the Bosphous to record two intercontinental swims. 

Events: Channel Relay Swimmer, Gibraltar Straits Swimmer , Bosphous Swimmer.


It was Mark who made the first mad suggestion of doing the Marathon Des Sables to Mick in 2008. At the time Mick did not fully appreciate what would be involved and as the 2011 event came closer he realised doing as Mr.Bayliss suggests is not always a good idea!

Mark has also undertaken Marathons, an Ironman ,plays waterpolo and has swum the channel. Mark was part of Mick's crew when Mick Swam the channel and Mick was part of Mark's crew when he followed suit. Probably his greatest achievement to date is holding the world record for the infamous Arch to Arc Enduroman event smashing the previous record by 7 hours

The most determined and dedicated training partner Mick has ever trained with. Mark is good to train with .......if you can keep up!

Events: Channel Solo Swim Crew, Lake Zurich swimmer, Marathon Des Sables Runner


Following both successfully doing the London Triathlon and then inventing the 4in04 Rob and Mick went on to do the first ever UK Ironman together and went through many physical and mental learning curves to achieve this. Rob is one of the good guy in the team. Often hampered by injury but has the determination and ability to achieve so many challenges

Events: London Olympic Triathlon, 4in04 competitor, Ironman, Channel Solo Swim Crew